Motorcycle Training . Master Precision Cornering On Your Own Personal Highway
"There aren't any secrets to becoming a smooth motorcycle rider. It's a matter of learning and practicing the right techniques."

Here's what you've been waiting for: The Streetmasters Precision Cornering Motorcycle Workshop is a one day workshop designed specifically for touring, sport-touring, cruiser, and sport bike riders. Personalized motorcycle training to take your skills to the next level. You'll be smoother, more confident, relaxed — ready to take on the curves and have fun doing it. No racing, just proven techniques from expert motorcycle instructors on your own personal highway. Your wait is over. Enroll today!


Streetmasters is taking a huge departure from our training curriculum. Since 2004 our home base has been the Horse Thief Mile at Willow Springs International Raceway and our curriculum was designed, tested and refined around that facility. Looking at our 2015 schedule below you’ll notice we have only two dates planned for the Horse Thief Mile, March 14 and October 24. For the rest of the year, Streetmasters will be available for your schedule and training on your favorite roads. That’s right, on-the-road training in the real-world and when and where you want it. On-the-road training is ideal for riding groups and clubs. We still offer the same personalized training for each rider and will, additionally, install Sena Bluetooth communication on every rider’s helmet for instant coaching and feedback.

Want to go off-road? “Dirty Streetmasters” is for those who ride dual-sport or Adventure bikes – especially for those who have yet to get their bike in the dirt. Already ride in the dirt? It’s not a bad idea to get a refresher on your skills.

For more information on cost, minimum number of riders and availability for on-the-road training and “Dirty Streetmasters” contact us by phone or through the “Contact” link.

2015 Schedule

March 21 Las Vegas Harley-Davidson On the Road Training

March 13 Horse Thief Mile, Willow Springs, Private Group

March 14 Horse Thief Mile, Willow Springs

May 2 "Dirty Streetmasters," Bay Area

May 30 On-The-Road Training This is someone's lucky day. We are conducting a private class on the road and have several spaces still available. Want to join us on the road? Meeting at Bert's Mega Mall at 8 AM. Give us a call for more details if you are interested in working in the "Real World."

August 22 On-The-Road Training - San Jose: We are conducting another private training in the Bay Area and have several slots available. Want to join us on the road? Make your reservations now by calling (951)549-1717 if you want to learn in the "Real World."

October 24 Horse Thief Mile, Willow Springs


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